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Tips to help your child be an effective bystander

Check your child:

  • understands the difference between playful teasing and bullying
  • understands the difference between acting responsibly and dobbing
  • knows what to say when someone has been bullied.

You can help your child by:

  • reassuring the child that they are not to blame
  • suggesting the child seeks help from an adult
  • offering to go with the child to seek help from an adult.

Discuss with your child ways to safely intervene and support the child who is being bullied. Some strategies could be:

  • if it is safe to do so - take the child away from the person who is bullying them
  • if it is safe to do so - tell the child doing the bullying that their behaviour is bullying and that it's not okay
  • introduce the child who has been bullied to other friends
  • get immediate help from an adult if it is not safe to intervene.

Take a look at the tips and advice we offer students. Encourage your child to do the online activities or download the mobile app.

If your child believes that another student at school is in danger or is extremely distressed, report this to the school so they can investigate.